DC Planning & Management

The DCPM software and operational management process has been developed by a team of distribution centre senior managers with decades of experience. This industry leading solution combines the very latest software solutions with a robust Management Process to address the long-standing issue of aligning people, performance and operational process to your targets and operational standards.

DCPM is simple to use, Windows based and designed around your operational team and process. It works with all WMS systems providing a robust single management tool to efficiency and effectively manage and communicate DC performance at all levels.

At the heart of this unique software a “virtual map” of the distribution centre works in conjunction with accurate task level modelling and our Intelligent Analytics Notification system (IAN) which delivers unprecedented levels of live workplace transparency and target alignment.

A new level of performance visibility

DC Planning & Management is designed to make you operational management team as efficient, effective and engaging as possible. With three operational modes, Monitor, Manage and Review users always have the right levels of accurate information, live at their fingertips. No more waiting for admin reports or using cumbersome spreadsheets. With DCPM your management team have the visibility tools to monitor, manage and review the entire DC operation.

Changing behaviours.

With DCPM’s live “Track and Trace” technology you know exactly what tasks are being carried out, by whom, and where. All tasks and activities are measured against your operational standards and performance targets set and agreed at all levels. DCPM’s Intelligent Analytics Notification system or IAN, constantly monitors performance throughout the DC automatically highlights users where tolerances have been breached. Enabling first line managers to support operatives in achieving their true potential.

Single click reporting tools and simple meaningful graphics provide visibility of live task level activity providing managers with all the information they need to support operatives, change behaviours and create a positive culture in the workplace.

Operational Implementation

Our 5 Stage Implementation Process using robust project management tools is specifically designed to maximise engagement and operational adhesion. From start to finish our team of subject matter experts will work with you and your operational team to ensure smooth implementation in as little as 13 weeks.

We call it an “Implementation Process”, most of our customers refer to it as more of a “Transformational Process”.

A real cultural change that positively drives operational performance by optimising YOUR team. Providing the tools and process they need to make them more efficient, effective and engaging in the workplace.

The DCPM Business Case Steps:

DC Operational Review

We will carry out an RCA modelling exercise of your distribution centre using the DCPM software and your WMS data.

Improvement Opportunities

Using a combination of the DCPM analysis and discussions with your operational team we will present our findings and a suggested Performance Improvement Plan.

Business Case Agreement

Having agreed the opportunities and requirements with your operational team we will agree a fixed cost implementation plan and full business case for sign off.

What do some of our users say about the DCPM software

"Since the implementation of the software the reaction from the guys on the shop floor has been really positive. Everyone is now really clear about the performance standards needed and also how they are doing. We should have had something like this years ago.... "
Large 3PL First Line Manager
"The training for the guys was brilliant and they picked up the system really quickly. Its used to take us ages to get reports and now the guys and I have everything we need all the time whenever we need it. Its brilliant it really is. "
Pharmaceutical Distribution Centre Shift Manager
"Since we implemented the DCPM software the feedback from the operatives has been nothing but positive. People are really interested now in their performance figures."
Clothing distribution Centre Supervisor
"Since implementing the DCPM software our operatives have become much more engaged in understanding their daily and weekly performance. Having the performance information immediately to hand saves so much time. DCPM has not only made our job easier and much more productive but more enjoyable as well."
Retail Distribution Centre First Line Manager
"I have genuinely never seen a DC performance management tool as complete as this ever…. "
Large Global Logistic Provider Senior Manager
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