Cyber Essentials

Cyber Security

Our Commitment

At Sigma Efficiency we are committed to improving our security processes, through achieving Cyber Essentials and implementing protection systems, we can ensure trust in with our customers and a strengthened supply chain.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is a cybersecurity certification designed by the government to give Organization’s `a standardised level of protection.

There are 5 security controls measured within the program to mitigate the risk from cyber threats:

  1. Secure configuration
  2. User access control
  3. Firewalls
  4. Security update management
  5. Malware protection

Sigma has met the Cyber Essentials IT infrastructure requirements in all five areas.

What are the benefits of Sigma having Cyber essentials?

  • Trusted register of suppliers – Sigma Efficiency Ltd. is listed on the NCSC website. This makes it easy for potential customers to check our cybersecurity credentials and validate our business.
  • Strengthened supply chain – Sigma’s partners, suppliers, and investors have confidence in our ability to operate safely, they know we operate with their best interests at heart.
  • Trust with customers– With so many damaging cyber attacks worldwide, customers are rightly nervous about who to share data with and want to know their personal information will be safe. Having a government backed accreditation lets customers know that Sigma operate to a good standard of cybersecurity. This provides the reassurance they need to work with us with confidence.
  • Improved security processes – Meaning we are at low risk of GDPR non compliance and protected against 99% of common security threats.
  • Government contracts – Cyber Essentials accreditation enables Sigma to work with organisations in the public sector.

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Sigma Efficiency's Quality Objectives:

ISO 9001

Sigma has achieved ISO 9001 accreditation, delivering improved quality and service to our customers.

Cyber Essentials

Sigma has achieved Cyber essentials to improve our security processes, Strengthen our supply chain and give trust to our customers.

ISO 27001

Sigma is working towards ISO 27001 to deliver improved software process quality to our customers.

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