The TASK-SCAN system is designed to provide better visibility of shift activities allowing us to improve the DC Planning and Management process.


What is TASK-SCAN?

DC Planning and management takes inputs from various information systems within an operation. Predominantly these inputs are scan data from a warehouse management system but could be any data source containing a date / time stamp linked to an individual.

In most operations, activity captured by the warehouse management system, will only account for a proportion of an individual shift. To get a full account of all site activities for both performance management and accounting purposes, the ability to capture ‘indirect’ activity such as time spent on housekeeping is required.

TASK-SCAN is a complimentary system, designed to record when an individual starts a task that is not recorded automatically by another system. The software is designed to be kiosk based with a touch screen and scanner.

How is it used?

The individual scans their user ID badge (which may be the same as their time and attendance clocking badge) and selects from a list of tasks that they may be required to perform (The tasks displayed are customizable to suit the operation). This allows the site to account for individuals activities and measure the total amount of time spent on each across the facility.

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