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“We inspire and support retailers to solve complex business issues, realising significant and sustainable bottom-line profit improvements.” 


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We are performance improvement specialists with backgrounds spanning the end to end supply chain. As subject matter experts we understand how to add value and engage with others because “we have been there”. We believe in being supportive from beginning through to final transformation.

We are team players, there to “catch a fall”, not “catch you out”.

Not ALL consultants are the same…

Our areas of expertise include:

Buying and Sourcing

Good buying is often instinctive, great products, excellent prices and reliable suppliers. We can help to strengthen your buying processes and provide the tools to improve product sourcing and build your range proposition to drive sales and profit.

Duty and Importing

This specialist area requires real expertise to protect your business. We can help you put in place the import systems, duty management processes and even carry out a forensic analysis of your duty payments to identify and recover any overpaid duty.

Supply Chain

Modern supply chains can be complex, we all know that. We can help with all aspects of supply chain development and improvement, from optimising supplier-to-shelf processes, to increasing efficiency, and speed within the supply chain.

Logistics and Distribution

All organisations are looking for more from their logistics operations and at a lower cost. We can help increase DC efficiency and capacity whilst identifying operational inefficiencies and removing waste labour costs.

Retail Operations

Retail is detail, execution and compliance is often overlooked when reviewing and developing store operations. We are passionate about retailing, driving store growth, reducing costs and delivering great service.

Store Planning

Store environments and layouts differentiate your brand and products by creating a meaningful customer experience. We believe in always working back from the customer to develop the most profitable and customer centric store propositions.

Did you know you can get business grants up to £10,000 for LED lighting?

We have approved grant funding available for the latest Distribution Centre and Retail lighting solutions.


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DC Performance Manager.

SMART Distribution Centre Performance management.

  • DCPM is a simple to use Windows based software solution and performance management process that
    works with all WMS Systems.
  • DCPM inspires the right behaviours to focus ALL on operational efficiency and removing waste hours by
    providing complete operational transparency and live visibility of task level activity and individual performance.
  • Fully aligns your people, performance and operational process to your DC targets and operational standards.
  • DCPM is typically implemented in weeks, achieving an ROI in months and delivers continuous improvement for years.

What our customers say.

"Sigma teams are pragmatic and strategic, can work fast and they deliver results."
Dr Beatrice Lafon
Claire's Inc CEO
"We called onto Sigma in 2019 to reappraise our supply chain. Sigma’s ability to engage with our multinational teams was critical to ensure the success of this significant project."
Dr Beatrice Lafon
Pimkie CEO
"We have worked with the Sigma Efficiency team on numerous occasions over the last few years as our business has expanded. Our team have found their advice useful, thought provoking and practical, they are always willing to support with implementation."
Alex Simpkin
The Range Chief Executive Officer
"They are a very experienced and hugely personable team and they have helped to deliver our considerable and continued growth, in recent years. We would recommend them without hesitation professional company who delivers and always do it with a smile."
Graham White
Carlton Forest Group Group Commercial Director
"We could not have turned Robert Dyas around within 5 months into a plus LFL sales position or generated sufficient cash flow to invest in our golden quarter without the help and support of the Sigma team."
Steve Mcvey
Robert Dyas CEO
"The Sigma team are more than just Consultants, they are Retail Practitioners and become part of your team for the complete engagement! They are very knowledgeable, easy to work with and extremely focussed on delivering the agreed results."
Simon Hathway
Action Buying and Merchandising Director
"We have worked with Sigma Efficiency on many occasions, identifying ways to increase efficiency and to drive down the operational cost for our customers.The Sigma team are very easy to work with and as operational practitioners with decades of experience, they are highly focussed on delivering great value to the customer.We look forward to our continued work with the Sigma team and delivering real value to our customers. "
Nick Gregory-Jones
Single Resource Managing Director
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